Dear  Partners,
Welcome to my web site,  I'm Franco Nicastro sole enterprenor of PRINT CONSULTING  I was born in Rho (Milan) on  November 18th 1960

After I graduate from the high school  I started my professional road in an Australian  multinatonal company in the construction businness, after  having reach the position of Area manager I decide to change completely my activity and start to work in the 1985 for one of the Italian leading printing and converting machines manufacturer . Gravure, Flexo, Laminators, downstream equipments

I started following the production after few years I move to purchase dpt, technical department , R&D director  till Executive director.


I also work ad as consultant for the Tribunal for technical disputes.


At the moment have a businness cooperation with several printing and converting companies in Italy and abroad as a consultant.


The above it is just a small resume of my 30 years experience in printing and converting industries, for now I thank You all my actual partners


and customers which rely in my experience and professionality.




Franco Nicastro